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    Just 13 Of The Funniest Text Messages People Actually Sent In January

    The month of January seriously feels like it will never end. New Year’s seems like a lifetime ago and February has been “around the corner” for ages. Fortunately, we only have a couple days left in this unbearably long month and what better way to spend that time than by enjoying some seriously hilarious texts? These are […] More

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    Twitter Is Dragging JK Rowling With Hilarious ‘Woke’ Harry Potter Tweets

    It seems that of all the would-be wizards and witches in the world still having a difficult time letting go of the Harry Potter universe, J.K. Rowling reigns supreme—and Twitter is calling her on it. Rowling is infamous for adding details about the series years after publication. Though the last installment in the series, ‘Harry […] More

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    Ariana Grande Tried To Fix Her ‘BBQ Grill’ Tattoo But Made It Worse

    An update about Ariana Grande’s misspelled Kanji palm tattoo: She tried to fix it, but kind of made it worse! Quick recap: Ariana Grande yesterday posted a photo showing off her new palm tattoo, which was meant to read “7 Rings” in tribute to her record-breaking single, but which instead read “BBQ grill.” twitter Grande’s […] More

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    Netflix Is Begging People To Stop Calling Serial Killer Ted Bundy ‘Hot’

    The overwhelming number of Twitter users romanticizing serial killer Ted Bundy caused Netflix to put out the following Tweet Monday afternoon: I've seen a lot of talk about Ted Bundy’s alleged hotness and would like to gently remind everyone that there are literally THOUSANDS of hot men on the service — almost all of whom […] More

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    17 Tweets So Iconic, People Literally Framed Them

    Twitter can be a toxic wasteland full of Baby Boomers lambasting millennials for eating avocado toast and men attacking women for everything under the sun, but it can also be incredibly supportive and funny, as far as social media platforms go. There’s really something for everyone. Tweets for adults struggling to adult, for the emotionally […] More

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    22 ‘Literally No One’ Tweets That Literally Everyone Will Crack Up At

    A new Twitter joke format has emerged, and it is hilarious. It basically makes fun of everyone who for any reason goes out of their way to draw attention to themselves. Like fajitas, or Instagram models. Enjoy. 1. Me: Boy with one dangling earring: ⛓ ⛓ ⚓️ — AJ (@ar1stotl3) January 22, 2019 2. literally […] More

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    Everything Coming To Netflix In February

    Though January has felt like the never-ending month, we are finally approaching its conclusion which means Netflix will have a whole slew of new titles arriving in the next few days. A handful of classic romcoms like Pretty in Pink will make their way onto the streaming service just in time for Valentine’s Day as […] More

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    17 Things Men Do In Movies That Make Zero Sense

    Certain movie tropes persist, despite their not adding anything to character or plot, and despite their not making a whole lot of sense. For example: the last-minute magic bulletproof vest, wherein a bullet-ridden protagonist reveals he had the foresight to wear a vest and jumps back up to wreak havoc on his would-be murderers. Or […] More

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    25 Women Share The Craziest Pregnancy Advice They Ever Got And It’s Unreal

    A recent AskReddit thread began to go viral after u/FuzzyTortoise asked, “Pregnant women or women who have been pregnant, what is the worst/craziest advice someone has given you about your pregnancy?” The responses were unreal. Much of the advice feels like it belongs in 1819 rather than 2019. It feels truly and deeply insane that there […] More

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    15 Photos Of Celebrities Before They Were Famous

    My cousin used to date someone from the band Anthrax. I have no idea if he was a good boyfriend (I was way too young to understand that kind of stuff), but he was certainly the most interesting one because he was (sort of) famous. And everyone knows famous people are just somehow more interesting than […] More

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